Graduate Architecture

Posted November 13, 2014

PennDesign at the Industries of Architecture Conference

The PennDesign PhD Program in Architecture will have two representatives at the Industries of Architecture Conference this week. The meeting, the 11th Architectural Humanities Research Association International Conference, takes place November 13-15 at the Newcastle University School of Architecture, Landscape and Planning. 

The Penn affiliated presenters and the titles of their papers are:

  • Eric Bellin (PhD Candidate) -- "The Technician’s Detail: Patte, Soufflot’s circle, and the constructive turn, 1755-1802 "
  • Paul Emmons (PhD '03) with Dalal Kassem -- "Mechanisation and Automation in the Drafting Room"
  • John Sadar (PhD '10) -- "Unveiling the Ultraviolet: ‘Vita’ Glass, bodies and the marketing of material performance"
More information on the conference can be found here.