Graduate Architecture

Sami Samai

Market Retrofit, Annette Fierro

Spring 2019

We are victims of the illusion of choice. We go into shops and witness an overabundance of products and pretend to make mindful decisions on unmindful thoughtless mass-produced objects. Slowly however the artisanal product is resurging, and digital platforms have created an interface between craftsmen and consumers who are looking for more unique products.

This scheme proposes a physical interface that gathers consumers and craftsmen alike in a makerspace market. Consumers can request products and are now active participants in their fruition. This new platform is one where ideas are exchanged and where the brainstorming happens with both the users and the makers to create superior products embedded with narrative that respond exactly to the consumer’s needs.

The market is an allusion to the historic mills and factories of Manayunk, a remnant of its industrial history, it is an attempt to unify the two main social demographics of the place: the blue-collar veteran population with the younger hip demographic by hybridizing technology and the crafts