PhD in Architecture

Posted March 19, 2015

PennDesign PhD Candidate Awarded Penny White Grant

Joseph Watson, in collaboration with Mary Miller (GSD MLA I AP candidate), has been awarded a grant from the Harvard GSD Department of Landscape Architecture's Penny White Project Fund. 

The grant will support field research and the production of a video documentary for a project titled “Wild Interfaces: The Western Wildway Network and a New North American Territoriality,” which studies the ways in which large scale conservation projects propose to remap understandings of territoriality in the western United States. The Penny White Project Fund was founded in memory of Winifred G. (Penny) White to support projects that “carry forward Penny’s ideal of a culture which emphasizes a close relationship between natural systems and urban change, in conjunction with patterns of mobility that form complex, living landscapes.” More information can be found here.