City and Regional Planning

Humans have always been influenced by natural landscapes, and always will be—even as we create ever-larger cities and our developments fundamentally change the nature of the earth around us.

Apprentices Ky and Robert learning about solar installation.

The PennPraxis Serenity Soular team (Laura Rigell MCP ’17, Cari Krol MCP ’17, Nikita Jathan MArch ’18, Margaret Gregg MArch ‘18) embarked upon the next phase of its collaboration with Serenity House and Swarthmore College in June 2016.

Erick Guerra, Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, and Christopher Marcinkoski, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, have been awarded competitive grants from the University Research Foundation (URF) for the 2016 - 2017 Academic Year.
Associate Professor of Urban Design Stefan Al is a Dutch-born architect and urban designer who has written widely about cities, including informal settlements, industrial towns, commercial developments, and high-density environments.
Merroir: Map of east river research plots

Proposal for NYC Aquarium and Public Waterfront by PennDesign Dean-designate Fritz Steiner and Merroir

The work of Merroir, a four-part team that includes PennDesign Dean-designate Fritz Steiner, was recently s

Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs, 1961, Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The ever-prolific Witold Rybczynski offers a fresh compilation of essays in

Although the decades following World War II stand out as an era of rapid growth and construction in the United States, those years were equally significant for large-scale destruction. Francesca Russello Ammon's 

Can an 18-month old program hold its own with others that are decades-old? The answer is a resounding Yes, as Mark Alan Hughes and Cornelia Colijn discovered recently. The faculty director and deputy director, respectively, of PennDesign’s Kleinman Center for Energy Policy recently joined their peers for the two-day University Energy Initiative Symposium at MIT co-sponsored by the Institute’s Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Phase 01 of the new Peace Park begins construction. Photocredit: Gordon Stillman

Last week at my job a white man in a suit walked into our building asking for someone whose name we did not know but worked for our landlord. While my coworker and I looked perplexed, someone appeared outside our building waving at the man to come outside.

Projection showing a chronology of activism

Billy Fleming, PhD Candidate in the Department of City and Regional Planning, writes about the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future hosted by Penn


Part 1 of a two-part Q&A with Chris Marcinkoski, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, partner/director at PORT

Panel speaking at OECD

Professor Guerra presented a paper on incorporating housing and transportation costs in measures of neighborhood affordability at a round-table on income inequality, social inclusion, and mobility at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on April 4 and 5.