City and Regional Planning

Jamaal Green

Assistant Professor

Jamaal Green is a planner and geographer interested in the ways that the organization of our built environments exacerbate or inhibit social inequality. His research interests include exploring the connections between land use and economic development planning, specifically concerning the role of industrial lands in urban labor markets and greater labor market restructuring, and the application of spatial analysis to policy problems. While working for the State of Oregon Department of Human Services, Jamaal worked on a variety of projects including developing a spatial risk analysis for child abuse and maltreatment, analyzing the location choices of marijuana dispensaries in Washington and Oregon in order to determine whether certain vulnerable populations were disproportionately exposed and assisted multiple research projects that required census data and mapping support. Jamaal is interested in a broad range of topics, but his always focused on the spatial distribution of resources and the foundational questions of social science of,"Who benefits? Who loses? Who pays?"