City and Regional Planning

Scott Page


Scott Page teaches a Second-Year Studio and Site Planning (CPLN 504).

Scott founded Interface Studio to test and develop a unique and innovative set of urban design ideas. Scott is an urban designer and planner with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design and the Georgia Institute of Technology Architecture Department including a year of study at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris. Scott has more than fifteen years of diverse experience ranging from city-wide master planning to site specific design and redevelopment strategies. He has been a leader in developing innovative neighborhood plans targeted toward enhancing communication, awareness and empowerment at the community level. Scott is a regular contributor to Planetizen's Interchange blog and his research on urban design, emerging technologies and sustainability has been presented and published both in the United States and Europe.

Interface Studio is a firm of 9 urban designers and planners based in Philadelphia. Founded six years ago, the firm has earned three national awards - two from the American Planning Association and one from the American Society of Landscape Architects. The majority of Interface Studio's work directly confronts the challenges associated with shrinking cities and communities. Recently, the firm has been working to develop industrial strategies in former manufacturing powerhouses including Philadelphia, Detroit and Louisville.


Founding Principal, Interface Studio LLC, 2004-
Associate, Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC, Philadelphia, PA, 1997-2004
Urban Designer & Operations Manager, Central Philadelphia Development Corporation, 1996-1997
Urban Designer, Project Service Division, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore, 1995
Design Consultant, Favermann Design and Turner & Associates, 1994

Honors and Awards

ASLA 2010 Honor Award for Analysis & Planning - Transit Revitalization Investment District (TRID) Master Plan
APA 2010 National Planning Excellence Award for Public Outreach - Wicker Park-Bucktown Master Plan.
2010 Congress for New Urbanism Award Illinois Chapter - Wicker Park-Bucktown Master Plan.
APA 2009 National Planning Excellence Award for a Grassroots Initiative - Lower Italian Market Revitalization Plan.
2009 New Jersey Smart Growth Award - North Camden Neighborhood Plan.
APA Awards Jury Letter of Commendation - Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan for Francisville, 2007.
10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania Award - APM / Temple Regional Rail Station Area Plan, 2004.
Pennsylvania APA Award of Merit - Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy for the (APM) Target Area, 2003.
Philadelphia AIA Urban Design Award - APM Revitalization Plan.
First Prize - Millennium City Design Competition for Orange County, CA, 2001.
Gaea Award for Excellence in Environmental Planning, 1997.


"Urban Design as Interface Design," paper presented at the Inaugural Conference on Design, Delft University, Netherlands, 2004. Published: Crossover: Urbanism, Architecture, Technology, 2006.

"Design Community Interfaces in North Philadelphia: An Evolving Revitalization Strategy," paper presented at the Annual Association of Geographers Conference in Philadelphia, PA, 2004.

"By Design: Editing the City," paper presented at the ACSP-AESOP Joint Congress in Leuven, Belgium, 2003. Published: 306090.06, Spring 2004.

"The Millennium City: Making Sprawl Smart through Network Oriented Development," paper presented at the Digital Communities 2001 conference in Chicago - Published: Volume 10 No. 3 Journal of Urban Technology, December, 2003.

"Representing the Information City," Paper presented at Cities in the Global Information Society: An International Perspective - University of Newcastle, U.K., 1999 - Published: Volume 8 No 1 City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, April, 2003.

"Media, Image and Urban Design" Panorama, University of Pennsylvania Planning Journal, 1996