City and Regional Planning

Posted November 1, 2018
  • Zhongjie Lin and Megan Ryerson, newly-tenured associate professors in the Department of City and Regional Planning

City and Regional Planning Faculty Members Lin and Ryerson Earn Tenure from Penn

PennDesign proudly congratulates city and regional planning faculty members Zhongjie Lin and Megan Ryerson for earning tenure from the University.

Associate Professor Lin is an authority on modern architectural avant-garde movements, the theory and practice of urban design, and contemporary architecture and urbanism in East Asia who earned his PhD from PennDesign. Associate Professor Ryerson is an expert in the area of transportation, including modeling the changes that new technologies like Autonomous Vehicles will bring to transportation networks and the safety of travelers, and she is helping the US Department of Transportation and local agencies increase transportation system accessibility and safety. 

Both exemplify the powerful union of research and practice that drives innovation at PennDesign. Both are working to identify strategies that make the world’s cities more livable, prosperous, and healthy by improving how we build and the way people get around.

 Lin’s promotion will be effective in January, and Ryerson’s in July of 2019.