City and Regional Planning

Posted June 24, 2014
  • As web-based devices proliferate, planners, designers, and GIS professionals are finding new ways to deliver content, and allow users to create and interact with geographic data.

There's an app for that

Planners use apps to open world of data collection

Students in this course will learn how to plan, develop, and program planning and spatial applications for desktop and mobile device platforms using various web application development tools, including Flex, ArcGIS Server/SDE, Javascript, Eclipse and GoogleMaps and ESRI APIs.  The course will be divided into three modules.  During Module 1 (weeks 3 through 6) students will learn to develop  geo-spatial desktop apps using Flex, ArcGIS Server, and SQL.  During Module 2 (weeks 7 through 11), students will learn to develop non-spatial apps for mobile devices using Javascript and Eclipse.  During Module 3, students will develop map-oriented and spatial apps for mobile devices using GoogleMaps and ArcGIS APIs.