City and Regional Planning

Managing Impending Change

Fall 2019 Studio

Redefining Touristification in Machuchal

This studio focused on the sub-barrio Machuchal, located in the center of San Juan’s densest neighborhood, Santurce. The goal was to create strategies for Machuchal and its residents to overcome the impending change brought on by touristification. Touristification is a phenomenon that takes place when development pressures and other impacts of tourism can cause an area to change dramatically. With housing, services, amenities and appearance of a touristifying area becoming catered to tourists and neglecting the needs and well-being of local residents.

Studio participants looked at what strategies to implement in 4 categories:

1. Public Realm

2. Co-Op Ownership

3. Adaptive Reuse

4. Economic Development

5. The Gateway

All of these strategies will help Machuchal to redefine tourism as an opportunity by 2040. Machuchal will be an affordable, pleasant place to live as well as a destination that attracts locals and visitors. Machuchal will have a more attractive public realm, new business opportunities, revitalized vacant infrastructure and access to a diverse and cohesive commercial corridor.