City and Regional Planning

Panorama 2020

Welcome to the 28th edition of Panorama, the Weitzman School of Design’s City and Regional Planning student journal. As a student-run publication, we strive to share the best and most innovative work from our peers: the next leaders of planning and design. The work included in this edition explores critical planning issues from the U.S. and around the world—confronting global water management challenges, the responsible use of technology in planning, nuanced analyses of municipal housing and transportation policy, and reflecting on planning history to organize for a more equitable future.

In addition, this journal represents several City Planning studios that make up the core of our graduate work. This year’s studios ranged from proposing designs to strengthen the social fabric in Cyprus and Puerto Rico, to implementing a congestion pricing system in New York City; from adapting to climate change in cities like Newport and Austin, to constructing a new narrative to pass a Green New Deal.

This year’s edition includes student photography that showcases the range of talents within our program and unique perspectives on contemporary planning. While the diversity of topics in this publication is wide, each piece in Panorama represents a facet of planning’s future and the critical decisions that we must make.

It is our pleasure to share the 2020 edition of Panorama with you.

The Panorama Editors