City and Regional Planning

The faculty of the Graduate Group in City and Regional Planning admits  between two and four students the PhD program each year.  Most but not all who apply to the Program have already received a masters degree in city planning or an aligned field. The Graduate Group faculty anticipate students’ completion of the degree within four to five years of full-time study from the time of initial enrollment.  Eight  to 12 PhD students/candidates in City and Regional Planning are in residence at any given time.

Current Doctoral Students (students who are completing coursework and examinations)

Jaquan Arzu

Stephanie Fenniri

Robert Levinthal

Diana Negron

Chris Quattro

Charles Starks

Boqian Xu

PhD Candidates (Students who have completed coursework and examinations and have an approved dissertation prospectus)

Bing Yu Chiu

Joshua Davidson

Yeonhwa Lee

Sirus Libeiro

Kimberly Noronha

Joshua Warner

Patricio Zambrano Barragan