Center for the Preservation of Civil Rights Sites

  • The Armstrong Community, Macon County, AL

    Photograph by Sarah Lerner

The Center for the Preservation of Civil Right Sites (CPCRS) is an academic partner working with organizations engaged in varied aspects of remembering, studying and stewarding the legacy of civil rights histories in the United States. CPCRS undertakes research, teaching and fieldwork to explore issues and solutions and raise awareness of civil rights histories. Our initial focus is on 19th and 20th-century Black experiences–though we recognize that important civil rights histories and legacies draw on many other experiences in the US. 


The Center for the Preservation of Civil Rights Sites advances the understanding and sustainable conservation of heritage places commemorating American civil rights histories and Black heritage.

CPCRS is led by Randy Mason (Faculty Director), professor in the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, and a group of advisors. Partnerships with preservationists, stewardship organizations, advocates, scholars and other supporters of civil rights heritage are key to CPCRS’s work.

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