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Posted October 19, 2015

Penn Art Club

This week we interviewed Penn Art Club's President, Terrill Warrenburg, and Vice President, Fiona Fergusson. Learn more about this exciting club and ways in which to become involved in the arts at Penn, whether you're a Fine Arts major/minor or not!

What exactly is the Penn Art Club about?

Penn Art Club is a club that allows everyone on campus to have a creative outlet, whether its making art, looking at art, talking about art, or just enjoying the company of other artists. Our mission is to increase Penn student’s interest in art through different activities such as organized visits to First Fridays in Old City, Mural Painting Sessions (currently on Fridays in Platt), “Art Ins” (in Harrison College House) which are easy crafting projects people can sign up to do as a s great study break! We host artist talks where artists discuss their work and thought process and have a fall art show and upcoming spring art journal publication in the works. We also have volunteering activities at different elementary schools in the area like Comegy’s to make art with young kids as well as other community outreach projects. Hill Art Studio is a space we run on campus that is open to the public during specified hours so that everyone has a creative outlet. 

Art Club is not a "normal" club with monthly GBMs and strict attendance, our events are always open to the public and we encourage everyone to come. Our Listserv reaches around 13,000. Our Board is much more of a commitment and includes:

Terrill Warrenburg (President)
Fiona Fergusson (Vice President)
Sophie Litwin, Ali Bernstein, and Mimi Sax (Community Outreach Chairs)
Tiffany Wang and Helen Pun (Art Events Directors)
Anna Venguer (Marketing Chair)
Ashley Leung (Graphic Designer)
Anuj Amin (Hill Art Studio Chair)
Katherine Ren (Treasurer)
Riley Nelson (Public Arts Chair)
Meghana Srivatsa (Art Speakers/ Programming Chair)
Elliot Allen (Social Event Chair)

Please describe one of your favorite experiences as a member of Penn Art Club.

F: I love the mural painting projects we do and it has been my favorite experience so far because that is how I met Terrill, and its really great that I made a great friendship through art.

T: I love our student art show because it gives everyone an opportunity to exhibit their creations. I also love how art club has a fluid an open internal structure; if you have any ideas, collaborations, or projects you want to bring to life it is very easy to do so (and encouraged)! And I love the friendships that I have made along the way like the one I have with Fiona. 

Tell us a little bit about yourselves- your major, where you’re from, your year, what you’re career interests are, etc.

F: I am a junior in the Cognitive Science Major! I am pretty undecided about what I want to do still (gotta figure that out) but I definitely have leaning towards marketing or anything that allows me to still be creative with my job. 

T: I am a senior Fine Arts Major, Art History Minor, and French Minor. I am interested in working in an art institution (I am currently a curatorial intern at the ICA) and interested in graphic design. 

What are your impressions regarding the over all art climate at Penn and in Philadelphia at large?

F: Philadelphia is a great city for art and culture and I think a lot of Penn students are stuck in the Penn bubble and don’t get exposed to it. So we definitely want to change that!

T: Philadelphia is a very manageable city and is filled with amazing art exhibits. It is so easy to walk downtown and see great shows at PAFA, the PMA, The Barnes, The Print Center, Locks Gallery, Old City, Vox Populi and more. The ICA is also an amazing resource that is right here on campus, hosting world-class exhibitions and offering numerous opportunities for students to learn and get involved. 

How can Penn students become involved with the Penn Art Club?

F: Sign up for our listserv! shoot an email to pennartclub@gmail.com. We will send out information about all our upcoming events!

T: Also follow us on Facebook! (Penn Art Club), Instagram (@PennArtClub) and feel free to message us if you want to become involved or propose a collaborative project or event!