IT Services

BlueJeans - available to all UPenn users (with a PennKey)‚Äč

***BlueJeans service will be discontinued at Weitzman beginning July 1, 2022.***

For more detailed information, please see the following announcement: Upcoming Change in BlueJeans Service.

BlueJeans is the most conveniently and easily accessible video conferencing service available. Unlike the other services, you will not need to schedule the use of Blue Jeans with the IT staff, or gain access to a shared account. BlueJeans is also going to have the most reliable connection of these services, since it runs over Internet2, a fast and secure network built exclusively for higher education institutions. BlueJeans can be used for one-on-one chats, screen sharing, file sharing, and large group meetings.

Access Your BlueJeans Account

Getting Started

  • BlueJeans App: To attend class using the BlueJeans application you will need to install BlueJeans on a laptop or desktop computer: 
  • Web Browser: To attend class using your web browser, paste the URL for your class provided by your professor or TA into a web browser and when prompted select Join with Browser.
  • Tablets: To attend class using your Tablet you will need to install the BlueJeans App:


  • Schedule meetings by day and time, enter participants via their full email and make sure to separate each email with a semicolon
  • Meetings can be attended via web browsers (Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.10+), telephone, as well as on smartphone Android and iOS devices
  • Supports up to 200 participants in one meeting
  • Supports international participants via international phone numbers (click here for more info)
  • Full recording is enabled for all BlueJeans calls, meaning you can record meetings, lectures, and more (video file link is later emailed to the host of the call)
  • For more details and tutorials, please visit the Penn Center for Teaching and Learning.

Specific Features

  • BlueJeans supports breakout sessions - separate rooms hosted within the main BlueJeans session for users to break into individual project teams or groups and work separately from the other groups. Breakout sessions allow screen share, whiteboarding, and full video and audio recording for each breakout room. Read more here.
  • Only one user can annotate on their screen at a time. The next user to screen share will end the sharing for the previous user within the same call, and will erase the annotations from the previous user.
  • Only one user can share their screen at a time. The next user to screen share will end the sharing for the previous user within the same call.
  • Single participants can host a call by themselves (with no participants) purely for recording purposes. Recordings are broken up into 2 hour blocks within the BlueJeans web portal and can be shared later.