IT Services

Upcoming Change in BlueJeans Service


Dear Weitzman BlueJeans Users, 

We are writing to inform you that there will be changes coming to BlueJeans in the coming months.   

Over the past two years, the availability and capabilities of video conferencing tools have greatly expanded on campus, leading to a glut of services with overlapping capabilities. As such, and in line with decreased use of the BlueJeans Meetings service, the Penn Technology Investment Committee has recommended removing BlueJeans from the Common Good service portfolio next fiscal year (July 1, 2022)

We have been working with the IT community across Penn to understand the impact of transitioning off BlueJeans. The decision has been made to discontinue the BlueJeans Meetings service. We ask that you contact if you think you might be impacted by this move. 


Who Is Affected? 

All current BlueJeans meetings service users will be affected by the changes.  This change does not directly impact BlueJeans Events. 



Penn currently has 2 other centrally funded options for those using BlueJeans. 

  • Zoom – PennZoom is available to active faculty, staff, and students, including for academic use, and is integrated with Canvas. More information can be found here: 

  • Teams – Microsoft Teams is available to all who have an active PennO365 account and is recommended for meetings in administrative settings. Teams integrates with the Microsoft environment seamlessly, including your O365 email and calendar, as well as OneDrive and Sharepoint. 

***All Weitzman users have access to both platforms***

What Do I Have To Do?  

Review your current use of BlueJeans and contact if you have any major concerns about transitioning to one of our other options. 

If you have recordings in BlueJeans that you would like to keep after the service is retired, you can follow the instructions on the attached document: Guide- How To Download Recordings from BlueJeans. 



More detailed information will be provided as we continue gathering information.  If you have any questions, please send an email to For more information on the available Video Conferencing tools, please visit


– Weitzman ITS