IT Services

Microsoft Teams - available to all full time Penn faculty, students, and staff

Microsoft Teams offers many impressive and valuable video conferencing features. Users can host 1080p, which includes the ability to share screens and record calls. Users can also meet or collaborate on-the-go using Microsoft Teams apps for smartphones and tablets.


  • Meetings can be attended via web browsers (Windows 10, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.10+), telephone, as well as on smartphone Android and iOS devices
  • Supports up to 250 participants in one meeting
  • Supports livestreaming - with full calendar scheduling
  • Microsoft Teams is connected to your Penn O365 account, and is installed with your Office 365 license
  • Full recording is enabled for all Microsoft Teams calls, meaning you can record meetings, lectures, and more (video file link is later emailed to the host of the call)

Setup tips

  • Login via with your Penn O365 email and password
  • Schedule meetings by day and time on the Calendar tab with the "New Meeting" option, enter participants via their full email and make sure to separate each email with a semicolon
  • Start meetings immediately on the Calendar tab with the "Meet Now" option, and select your video (webcam, phone camera, etc) and audio (headset, microphone, phone audio) options
  • Schedule livestreamed events on the Calendar tab with the "New Meeting" option and by changing the "New meeting" drop-down to "New live event." Livestream events can be shared once they're scheduled via a link or a calendar invite