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PennO365 Email

As a current member of the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, your official University email is provided through PennO365. Your email address will follow the pattern below, replacing PENNKEY with your PennKey username:

In addition to email, your PennO365 account allows you to install Office 365 ProPlus (including Word, Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint) on 5 devices and provides 1TB of data storage through OneDrive for Business, Microsoft’s cloud data storage and collaboration solution.

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Only active Faculty, Staff, and Students (including those on approved Leave of Absence) are eligible for PennO365 email at Weitzman School.

Active affiliation is determined by Payroll (Faculty/Staff) or SRS (Students). Once University affiliation becomes inactive, there is a 60-day grace period before ISC automatically deletes the PennO365 account.


Signing in

Where to read email

  1. Outlook on the Web ( using a modern web browser on any device

  2. Outlook for Windows or macOS on your personal computer

  3. Outlook for iOS or Android on your smartphone or tablet


When signing into your account (regardless of the method), your username will follow the pattern below, replacing PENNKEY with your PennKey username; please note the rather than


Starting March 2021, PennKey and PennO365 passwords will synchronize and you will use the same password as your PennKey to sign into PennO365.

For more information and links to reset your PennKey password, visit

PennO365 FAQ and Tips

Update your sender name:

To update your email display name, modify your Penn Directory ( entry:

  1. Select "My Profile” in the top righthand corner; 
  2. Log in with your PennKey username and password;
  3. Add a new entry with your name listed as desired;
  4. Select the radio button (on left) to make it your primary listing.

Please note: O365 always displays names in the following order: Surname, GivenName MiddleName.


Recommended email and calendaring clients for PennO365

For the best experience, it is strongly recommended to use Outlook for Office 365 (also known as ProPlus and click-to-run), Outlook on the Web, and Outlook apps for both Android and iOS when using PennO365. Outlook email and calendaring clients provide the smoothest ongoing user experience, reducing the overall support workload. 

While PennO365 may work with the latest versions of Mail for Mac and iOS and some Android clients, users of non-Microsoft email and calendaring clients are more likely to experience configuration and support issues. 

Please note: Weitzman IT Services only supports PennO365 on supported versions of Outlook. We are unable to troubleshoot problems on third-party email clients, e.g. Apple Mail.


Set up Outlook for Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS

Configure Outlook to access your PennO365 mailbox using these instructions:


Email forwarding

Forwarding email from PennO365 to an external account is discouraged for several reasons:

  1. Reduced support capabilities: Weitzman ITS is unable to troubleshoot problems on personal email accounts. If you forward email, diagnostics will be restricted to whether the message was received by the Penn servers and forwarded to the external account.
  2. Reduced privacy: PennO365 is a service governed by an agreement between the University of Pennsylvania and Microsoft, which includes restrictions on how data is accessed and utilized. Personal email accounts are typically covered by generic EULAs that allow use of personal data for commercial purposes.
  3. Audit and compliance: rules governing email records vary by department/position; some may require all email to be maintained in University-managed accounts.

If you decide to set up forwarding with your PennO365 account, always select to "Keep a copy of forwarded messages" in PennO365.

Export contacts (Outlook on the Web)

After logging into Outlook on the Web, follow these steps to export your contacts:

  1. Click the People tile; you will see a list of your contacts, including: name, email address, etc.
  2. Select the contacts you want to export;
  3. Select the Manage drop down tab and Export contacts
  4.  Select export format > Microsoft Outlook CSV.

Once the export is complete, the CSV file can be used to import contacts into most third party applications.


Export contacts (Outlook for Windows or macOS)

Use these instructions from Microsoft to export your Contacts from your personal computer:


Archive your account (Mailbox, Contacts, Calendar)

Use these instructions from Microsoft to create an Outlook archive (pst file) of your emails, contacts, and calendar events:

Alumni Email

Graduation: Off-boarding your PennO365 Email

Graduating students can access their PennO365 account for 60 days after their graduation is posted to SRS by the Registrar. After that date, the account and all its contents (email, contacts, OneDrive files) are automatically deleted by ISC. Please be very proactive and start to migrate away from your PennO365 when approaching your graduation:

  1. Archive email, contacts, and OneDrive files
  2. Change your details for any accounts (especially job postings) that previously used your University email address
  3. Configure an Automatic Reply in PennO365, notifying others of your new contact information. This auto-reply will stop working after the account is closed.


Quaker Gmail (Alumni Relations)

Following Commencement, alumni are eligible for a Quaker Gmail account through the University's Department of Alumni Relations. This mailbox uses the address and cannot receive email addressed to 

Weitzman ITS does not manage the Quaker Gmail system. Please contact Alumni IT ( or visit for more information about the Alumni email system.