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Posted January 16, 2020
  • Fellowship recipient Greg Maxwell is a first-year student in the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation.

Fellowships at Weitzman: Meet Greg Maxwell

From the time of his appointment in 2016, Dean Steiner has made increasing student financial aid and strengthening the School’s financial position for the long term his highest priority. Through Stuart Weitzman’s support, the Weitzman School gave record-setting fellowship awards for entering students in 2019-2020, some of whom are only be able to attend Weitzman because of this support. What’s more, reducing students’ financial burden upon graduation frees them to pursue their passions and take opportunities to innovate.

Greg Maxwell is a first-year student pursuing a Master of Science in Historic Preservation. Before Penn, he was working for a small architectural firm, having earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2015. He especially enjoyed it whenever the firm worked on older buildings that needed extra care, and was drawn to the Weitzman School for the interdisciplinary nature of the historic preservation program here.

Maxwell acknowledges that going back to school has been an adjustment. “Sacrificing a steady paycheck to attend graduate school has been difficult,” he says. “With the support I’ve received, I have been able to spend money on field trips for classes, to buy books, and to travel to local historic sites and museums—all things that have been enriching my experience here so far.”

As he considers the next chapter in his career, Maxwell is committed to applying his experience to advance the professions. “I think the architecture profession is missing a small-scale approach to preservation,” he says. “Many architects would benefit from a background in preservation, which can ultimately enhance and distinguish any design project, if done well.”

Maxwell is just one of many current students who would not be at Penn without the financial aid made possible by Stuart Weitzman’s support. In fact, he was also accepted by Columbia—and could have been 20 minutes away from his family, rather than two hours—but chose Penn instead.