Payroll and Human Resources

New Hires

i.  Payroll Minimum Record 
New Faculty and Staff members only, please complete minimum record prior to your first day of employment in order to be eligible to receive your Penn ID on your first day. The completed minimum record can be sent to Weitzman Payroll Coordinator Brianna Reed at, or via secure fax at 215-573-2034

ii.  Employment Verification
All New employees must complete the employment verification process. Please complete your I9 prior to coming to the Finance office to be put onto payroll. For New Employee Verification please go to:  Select  ‘Design’  from the drop down menu and complete all required information. Please note you are required to come into the Finance office to complete the employment verification process.  Payroll Checklist's can be found below which includes the proper identification you will need to bring with you. 

iii.  Weitzman School Payroll Checklist Domestic

iv.  Weitzman School Payroll Checklist International


i.  Teaching Assistants
Duties vary from course to course and from instructor to instructor. They may include holding office hours, conducting review sessions, reviewing cases and other class assignments, and grading exams. These duties should involve, on average, five to ten hours of work per week during the semester.  Teaching Assistants are paid on a monthly basis on the last business day of the month. 

ii.  Research Assistant
Positions may be available within your department, please inquire with Department.  Research Assistants are paid on a monthly basis on the last business day of the month.

iii.  Student Worker
Positions are available throughout the Weitzman School.  Student workers are paid at an hourly rate and receive payments on a weekly basis. Students cannot work more than 20 hours a week during the school year.  Timesheets will need to be submitted to the Payroll Coordinator using the e-Timesheet system.

iv.  Work-Study
If you have been awarded work study funds, you are eligible for Work Study positions throughout the University. Work-study students cannot work more than 20 hours a week during the school year.  Please use the Student Employment system to search for available Jobs.

Staff Hiring Officers

i.  To Create a Position Information Questionnaire (PIQ)
The HR requisition system     

ii. Offer Letter Templates
External Hire
External Hire on Grant
Limited Service
Regular Part Time
Internal Transfer
Internal Transfer on Grant
Temporary Worker
Temporary Worker on Grant
Research Associate

iii. You are encouraged to visit the official University Human Resource site at to view the entire range of benefits Penn has to offer.  Once you obtain a PennKey ID and password*, you’ll be granted full access under HR’s Faculty/Staff/Retires tab to cost compare plans.

Paystubs and Tax Forms

i. The U@Penn portal contains important links to your information.  Including your paystub, W2 tax information and other financial information you need as a member of the Penn community.  You will need your PennKey and password to access this information.

ii. Tax Treaties

It is your responsibility to contact the Tax and International Operations Office at the beginning of each calendar year to check on your tax treaty eligibility.  Tax Treaty exemptions are granted on a calendar year basis for certain types of payments such as scholarship/fellowships and employment income.  All monthly paid individuals who believe they are entitled to an exemption from Federal taxes to report to the Tax Office, 310 Franklin Building, 3451 Walnut Street. These individuals must bring their Penn ID to confirm their eligibility and sign the appropriate Tax Treaty documents for the current tax year. They should also bring their most current immigration document with them. Please note, individuals must have a valid US social security number to be eligible for the exemption.  The University is unable to provide treaty benefits to weekly paid individuals.

iii. Viewing your Paystub
Go to the U@Penn portal.  On the left side under My Pay select the first option – My Pay.  Then, log in with your Penn key and password. This will then bring up your current pay stub. Use the drop down menu (Issue Date) to view your past paystubs.

iv. Accessing your W2 tax form
W2’s are available online for your convenience; you will just need your Penn Key and Password. Go to the U@Penn portal and select “My Tax Info”.  Then, it will ask you to log-in with your Penn Key and password, verify your DOB and the last four digits of your SSN. Next, it will bring you to a page that will have your W2’s from 2014 and prior - underneath that it says “Click here for W-2 information for tax years 2015 and later.”  Once you click that it will bring you to the ADP website which will have your current W2 forms.

v. U@Penn Access for Inactive Faculty and Staff

Go to the U@Penn portal and select U@Penn Access for Inactive Faculty and Staff under the heading "My Pay" on the left side.  Once you log in with your PennKey and password, you will have access to your paystubs under "My Pay" and all of your tax forms under "My Tax Info"


Time Reporting

i.  Weekly
Temporary Employees and Students must submit weekly hours to the e-Timesheet Reporting System by Sundays at 9:00 PM.
If you are unable to submit your hours due to system errors, please contact

Additional Compensation

i. The Additional Pay process is necessary for Full time Faculty and Staff members who are receiving payments for work done outside of their required duties.  To request an additional pay, supervisors will need to submit this form to  

ii. Additional pays require at least 7 days going through the approval process.  For additional pay deadlines please refer to

NOTE:  Before committing to any activity outside of normal working duties, a employees are required to secure written approval from his/her supervisor. Approval must be sought for any commitment outside the employee’s normal job duties for which the employee would receive compensations, including but not limited to consulting and teaching outside of the Weitzman School.

Click here to view the full Weitzman School Additional Compensation policy.

Hiring Matrix for Grants and Contracts

HR Policies

i. Family Medical Leave Act for Full time Staff members
For additional questions Regarding Medical Leave please contact the Weitzman School Payroll Coordinator

ii. Paid time Off Accruals Staff

  • Weekly paid staff members will need to document their Paid time off days on their weekly e-timesheet.  Paid Time Off Balances can be viewed on the e-Timesheet.
  • Monthly Paid staff will request Paid time off Day the PTO system located at U@Penn under My Benefits:  For additional questions on operating the PTO system please contact the Weitzman School’s Payroll Coordinator.

iii. Weekly Hour Limits for Students
Student Workers and Work Study Students cannot work more than 20 hour a week while classes are in session.  During the summer students can work up to 40 hour per week.  Please be aware that weekly hours depend on your supervisors need. 

iv. Temporary Staff (New Sick Time)
Temporary Staff members are paid weekly.  Temporary Staff members are not eligible for any benefits and cannot work more than 40 hours a week and cannot exceed 999 hour in a fiscal year.  The Fiscal year runs from July 1-June 30.  

Beginning May 13, 2015, temporary workers who are appointed to work or who do work for the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA, or the surrounding area (e.g., New Bolton Center, Morris Arboretum, Glenolden) for six (6) or more months in a calendar year will accrue paid sick leave at the rate of one (1) hour of sick leave for every 40 hours worked.  The maximum sick leave accrual for eligible temporary workers is 40 hours in each calendar year.  Eligible temporary workers can use no more than 40 hours of sick leave in each calendar year.  Any unused and accrued sick leave will be carried over to the next calendar year.  Upon termination, temporary workers will not receive payment for any unused or accrued sick leave.  Temporary worker rights to sick leave under this policy shall in no case be less than those afforded by the ordinance or any other applicable law.