PennPraxis provides a project administration format for faculty members at the Weitzman School, as an alternative to the typical grant administration process.  We offer business services which allow faculty to efficiently lead and participate in projects of practice outside of the school, and hire students and research associates. We also bring together faculty from all of the Weitzman School’s departments and programs to collaborate on projects together and with us. We are always interested in speaking to faculty about ways of being involved and opportunities for collaboration. Interested faculty should contact Ellen Neises, Executive Director, at and Julie Donofrio, Managing Director, at


PennPraxis regularly hires students to support projects and research during the summer and academic year through our Design Fellows program. Available positions will be posted regularly on the Weitzman School's Career Opportunities page. Other inquiries can be directed to Julie Donofrio,

Clients + Partners

PennPraxis works with a vibrant community of collaborators in each of our projects. Our partners range from community organizations, nonprofits, to engineers and fellow design professionals. We are always excited to lead projects, as well as join teams for proposals or research collaborations. To see a sampling of our work for future collaborations, you may view our practice profile here, or request one by mail. Interested collaborators should contact Ellen Neises, Executive Director, at and Julie Donofrio, Managing Director, at to discuss opportunities.

Members of the Public

PennPraxis regularly hosts and sponsors events that invite members of the public to engage in dialogues with students, faculty members and practitioners about our work or subjects of importance within our community of practice. Those interested in participating in in these events should regularly check Weitzman School's event calendar, enroll in Design Weekly, or visit @PennPraxis on Twitter.


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