Mason Haupt

Board Member

Mr. Haupt (Wh’77) recently retired from Soros Fund Management where he served for six years as Portfolio Manager for a fund that invested primarily in structured products. 

From 2003 to 2006, he was a Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager with Five Mile Capital Partners, an alternative investment and asset management company established in 2003. At Five Mile Partners, Mr. Haupt was responsible for a relative value portfolio that arbitraged the Mortgage, Government, and Derivative fixed-income markets. Mr. Haupt retired in 1994 from a position as Managing Director of Salomon Brothers, serving for seven years as the Head of Salomon’s mortgage-backed securities department. He was responsible for all aspects of the mortgage business, including trading, sales, finance, research, and operations. He joined Salomon in 1980, and was appointed a Managing Director in 1986. 

Mr. Haupt has served as Penn’s Alumni Secondary School Committee Chair for Manhattan and the Bronx non-magnet public schools for the past fifteen years. He is a donor to numerous charities that serve a variety of needs, and has significant interest in Architecture and Design and Public School education policy.