RETI Center Blue City Lab

The Blue City Lab will be the first off-grid, community-based, floating climate lab in the US. The project is planned to be built in the Upper Bay of New York City in the Red Hook neighborhood. BlueCity will combine a climate laboratory, classroom and training facilities, a public gathering space and floating gardens. It is a model for climate-responsive architectural innovation combined with low-energy building systems and renewable energy harvesting. This project will tackle the threat of rising sea-levels by creating a resilient floating community.

Specific research tasks include:

 • Climate analysis of the site and energy modeling of the proposed design including thermal performance and energy harvesting

 • Research on Thermally Active Building Systems (TABS) to be embedded in the floating slab and any other building systems that are used for heating/cooling.

 • Research on low-embodied carbon materials for construction of the lab


The research effort is led by Dr. Dorit Aviv, Assistant Professor, Weitzman School of Design. The RETI BlueCity Lab project is researched and designed in collaboration with an intradisciplinary project team including Dr. Tim Gilman (NYU), Gita Nandan (Pratt), Zehra Kuz (Pratt), and Dr. Forrest Meggers (Princeton).