• Spatial analysis of visitors and usage at The Oval

  • The Oval pop-up

  • PennPraxis' analysis of intercept and online surveys

Ben Franklin Parkway: The Oval

Usage Data Collection + Analysis

PennPraxis’ spatial analytics team developed software for documenting site usage and mapping spatial data for a variety of sites and questions. In 2017 and 2018, PORT Architecture + Urbanism designed temporary pop-up public space installations at Eakins Oval, and hired PennPraxis to collect data on visitors for the Fairmount Park Conservancy. The PennPraxis survey team asked a variety of questions for PORT: Who should these civic spaces be designed for? What is their role within Philadelphia? What should the future of Eakins Oval be? What should the future of the Parkway be?  Our team used multiple documentation methods to capture visitors’ behaviors and desires, including iPad-based intercept surveys, mapping of visitor use, on-camera interviews, postcards, coasters, and maps.


Julie Donofrio, Managing Director
Michael Fichman, Researcher, Lecturer