Central Delaware Riverfront Planning Process

2006 - 2009

Harris Steinberg

On Oct. 12, 2006, Mayor Street signed an executive order that invited PennPraxis to lead a citizen-driven planning process for the Delaware Waterfront that would be open and transparent and produce a civic vision for development along the river from Allegheny Ave. to Oregon Ave.

Working with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC), PennPraxis organized a planning process that will work with citizens, civic leaders, elected officials and a team of designers to produce this civic vision.

PennPraxis' effort was aided by the Central Delaware Riverfront Advisory Group, chaired by PCPC Executive Director Janice Woodcock. In accordance with the executive order, a steering committee was selected by members of the Advisory Group.

All meetings of the Central Delaware Riverfront Planning Process were open to the public.