Creative Footprint Project

In 2018, PennPraxis partnered with The Creative Footprint Project (CFP), a measurement and engagement project created by Mirik Milan, the former Night Mayor of Amsterdam, and Lutz Leichsenring of the Berlin Clubcommission. The CFP is a project designed to inventory and describe a city’s creative space for live entertainment and relate it to “framework conditions” under which a city is promoting or discouraging creative activity. Praxis joined the CFP team in 2018 during its New York survey, and added a geospatial, economic, and demographic analysis component to the project. This analytical component allows the CFP to draw insights about the spatial relationships between creative spaces and transportation networks, real estate trends, and population dynamics.

The 2018 CFP report was covered heavily by the New York Times and The Atlantic’s City Lab. The CFP project is growing, with Tokyo added to New York and Berlin in 2019 and additional world cities on the horizon. Soon, the inventory of CFP cities will grow large enough for a cross-sectional comparison.


Michael Fichman, Researcher, Lecturer