Infill Philadelphia: Sacred Places / Civic Spaces Program Evaluation

PennPraxis conducted a survey-based evaluation process for the Infill Philadelphia: Sacred Places / Civic Spaces project, a partnership between the Community Design Collaborative and Partners for Sacred Places, with North 4th LLC as project managers. The two-year project seeks to re-envision underutilized, purpose-built religious properties in Philadelphia as community hubs, adding the design and development community’s voice to a growing dialogue about the intersection between historic sacred places and communities. PennPraxis deployed several variations of in-person/leave-behind surveys to gauge different types of program engagement and audiences. PennPraxis also conducted several distinct phases of interviews with members of the ad-hoc committee and participating sites/partners, which allowed for greater depth of conversation and impact with participating members of the Infill project. The resulting program evaluation assessed the project’s success in reaching new audiences, engaging participants in the core project themes, and influencing shifts in attitudes or understanding.


Julie Donofrio, Managing Director
Molly Lester, Associate Director - Urban Heritage Project
Michael Fichman, Researcher, Lecturer