• Bird's eye view of potential South End development

  • Detail of massing study for the South End

Stamford South End Neighborhood Study

Download South End Neighborhood Study report

The South End Neighborhood Study (SENS) centered on a deep engagement process with residents and stakeholders to analyze the opportunities for growth, development, and heritage preservation in Stamford’s South End. PennPraxis was part of a team led by the Collective for Community, Culture and Environment, led by Ellen Neises. The collaborative and interdisciplinary project team included landscape and urban designers, community engagement leaders, preservation planners, retail analysts, and infrastructure analysts—all working in concert with the City’s Land Use Bureau. This “brain trust” led community meetings, field surveys, GIS analyses, and market research to develop conceptual designs for the neighborhood, identifying key areas of leverage to help the City of Stamford have the greatest impact on displacement, heritage loss, equity, quality of life, and economic vitality in the South End. The final conceptual designs and policy recommendations create a vision for a walkable and lively water city that celebrates the South End’s diversity of architecture and people.


Ellen Neises, Professor of Practice in Landscape Architecture, Lori Kanter Tritsch Executive Director, PennPraxis
Randall F. Mason, Professor, Historic Preservation/ City & Regional Planning
Molly Lester, Associate Director - Urban Heritage Project