SEPTA subway stop with train arriving

PennPraxis is working with SEPTA using eye tracking technology paired with surveys and interviews to capture the authentic user experiences of a diverse range of SEPTA riders. Findings will inform wayfinding design recommendations towards improving customer experience, with emphasis on serving the most vulnerable users. This study will prioritize recruiting subjects from the following groups: (1) New users or infrequent users; and (2) Individuals living with a disability, aging adults, or ESL travelers. 

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The Galápagos archipelago is one of the most important conservation sites in the world. 97% of its land is protected in the National Park and 95% of its native biodiversity is intact. However, the Galápagos is not just home to giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies - a rapidly growing population of ~34,000 people are concentrated on four of its thirteen islands.

Blueprint of Pennsylvania hospital heat and ventilation system from 1876

PennPraxis and the Center for Architectural Conservation have developed a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the Pennsylvania Hospital, located in Philadelphia’s Center City. Founded in 1751 by Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Bond, the Hospital was a direct expression of American Enlightenment ideals that gave rise to many of Philadelphia’s most significant and enduring civic institutions. It is the nation’s oldest public hospital and was envisioned as a facility that would benefit the growing population of Philadelphia while caring for the poor and mentally ill.

Flooded residential neighborhood. Sand has also come in several hundred meters from the beach

This research project assesses the effect of climate change and sea level rise on increasing salinity of drinking water supplies along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts of the United States. As a result of climate change, sea levels are projected to rise a conservative estimate of two to three feet by 2050, although this varies place by place. This, along with increased pumping of groundwater sources, will result in (and already is resulting in) saltwater intrusion in both surface water and groundwater.

3D model of baroque era building. Model is all white which allows one to more easily see the elaborate details

Baroque Topologies research group is actively working with Digital Analysis of the Latent Topological Structure of Baroque Architecture to explore how emerging technology—including high-resolution 3D digital scanning and printing—provides unprecedented access to Baroque architecture’s formal complexities, intricate detail, and deep topological structure.

People talking next to a poster board with sticky notes all over it

Design Thinking is a rigorous process for understanding stakeholder needs, generating ideas, and prototyping new experiences and is at the heart of Human-Centered Design. By diving into the personal, social, competitive and technological contexts of a problem, designers are able to develop a deeper understanding of the implications of their design solutions and generate ideas that are better suited for the contexts in which they are deployed. 

Satellite view of industrial mining dump. Border between green space and contaminated space is clearly defined

The Green New Deal House Resolution has proposed a campaign of “cleaning up existing hazardous waste and abandoned sites.” Hundreds of thousands of such sites across the U.S. represent a toxic legacy of environmental injustice, borne disproportionately by low-income communities and communities of color.

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The City Planning, Architecture, and Urban Design graduate students in this public realm studio are focused on how we can push the limits to extend beyond what is typically thought of as the public realm. The premise is to create a shared experience from start to end, by thinking about and incorporating spaces of transition and connection as well as places to stop and stay. Thus, our projects seek to redefine the public realm as a publicly accessible space that ranges across different urban scales, conveys its own character, and is not limited to the external realm.

The Housing Initiative housed at PennPraxis has a mission to achieve more effective and equitable housing policy at the local, state, and national levels.

The Arts Building by George Nakashima

Photo credit, John Hinchman, The Center for Architectural Conservation.

Full report of the 2019 Master of Science in Design with a concentration in Historic Preservation (MSD-HP) three-week summer capstone studio.

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Welcome to the 28th edition of Panorama, the Weitzman School of Design’s City and Regional Planning student journal. As a student-run publication, we strive to share the best and most innovative work from our peers: the next leaders of planning and design. The work included in this edition explores critical planning issues from the U.S.

Log cabin
Adobe Ruins Monitoring, Mesa Verde, Cortez, CO 1996 Ayyubid City Wall, Cairo, Egypt 1999 Bar B C Ranch, Grand Tetons, Jackson, WY 2011 - present Belmont Mansion, Philadelphia, PA 1995 Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY 1991 Burial Ground, Southampton,  NY 2004 and 2007 Capilla Del Santa Cristo, San Juan, Puerto Rico 2002 Casa Grande, Coolidge, AZ 1995 - 1999 Castello Sermonetta, Italy 1990