Meeting with Egyptian Ministry of Culture

The Department of Architecture's ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Culture in Cairo has included an exhibit in the Egyptian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and earned a studio prize from the American Institute of Architects.

Black and white photo of Italian countryside.

Every landscape has a history—geological, ecological, and cultural. The combination and circumstances of their interaction through time has resulted in some regions and communities being seen as of special character and value. It is an irony that many places considered beautiful that attract visitors and tourists from around the world are fragile and struggle with many of the problems that exists elsewhere, that these tourists are trying to leave behind, and are threatened by tidal surges of these very same pleasure-seeking visitors. The Val D’Orcia in southern Tuscany is such a place.

Abstract white block sculpture.

Led by Assistant Professor Robert Stuart-Smith, AML-Penn explores the integration of design and production within robotic processes of building manufacturing.

Frame structure.

Under the direction of Assistant Professor Masoud Akbarzadeh, PSL is a research unit concentrating on advancing structural geometry and construction technologies.

Two students looking at 3D printed models of Baroque buildings.

Associate Professor Andrew Saunders' research explores how emerging technology provides unprecedented access to Baroque architecture’s formal complexities, intricate detail, and deep topological structure.

A house in the sun. Modern architecture and solar energy in the cold war.

Daniel A. Barber
A House in the Sun describes a number of experiments in solar house heating in American architectural, engineering, political, economic, and corporate contexts from the beginning of World War II until the late 1950s.

Energy Accounts: Architectural Representations of Energy, Climate, and the Future.

Edited by Dan Willis, William W. Braham, Katsuhiko Muramoto, Daniel A. Barber
Organized into a collection containing both examples of best practices and critiques, this impressive array of projects and contributors combines text and graphic material to explore different representations of energy data.

Design and Construction of High-Performance Homes.

Edited by Franca Trubiano
Routledge, 2012

Both professionals and students are increasingly committed to achieving high-performance metrics in the design, construction and operation of residential buildings. This book responds to this demand by offering a comprehensive guide which features:

Architecture and Energy. Performance and Style

Edited by William W. Braham and Daniel Willis
Architecture and Energy provides architects and architectural theorists with more durable arguments for environmental design decisions, arguments addressing three different scales or aspects of contemporary construction.

Pressing Matters 6

A Publication of the Department of Architecture at PennDesign

Woodland area.

The Graduate Program in Historic Preservation launched a website,, that presents five years of research conducted for the National Park Service (NPS), in partnership with the Chesapeake Watershed Cooperative Studies Unit, under the leadership of Associate Professor Randall Mason. The research spans Washington’s geography from Fort Foote at the southernmost tip of the capital to Rock Creek Golf Course near the city’s northern boundary, and represents the social, cultural, architectural, and recreational development of the federal city over the past three centuries.

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Contemporary urban design and planning discourse have a conspicuous dearth of work oriented towards otherwise healthy urban conditions characterized by population contraction. What scholarship does exist on “shrinkage” is primarily oriented towards those landscapes that result from population losses tied to failing economic conditions. But what happens when an economy is (relatively) healthy, not to mention technologically advanced, yet its population is beginning a process of radical contraction?