Kleinman Center for Energy Policy


The Kleinman Center’s mission is to create the conditions for policy innovation that support a just and efficient transition to sustainable energy.


Our vision is an energy system that optimizes productivity through smart demand, sustainable supply, and compensated externalities.


  • Learning. We engage student learners by providing energy-related courses, a certificate program, lectures, internship opportunities, and grants for research and professional development.
  • Scholarship. We support Penn research through competitive grants, seminars, and lectures. We also bring distinguished energy leaders and scholars to Penn for visits and residencies.
  • Discourse. We convene thought leaders with diverse interests from academia, industry, and government for productive conversations that lead to policy action.


Key to our identity is our research agenda. It guides our projects, events, courses, and written work.

Our research…

  • is timely
  • attracts and engages critical stakeholders
  • draws from the work of the University
  • builds a diverse portfolio—by geography and energy sector

To learn more, visit the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy website