Weitzman Building Security and Emergency Procedures

Building Security

Penn Card
Public Safety has suggested that you wear and display your Penn ID Card while on campus and within university buildings. This is the easiest way to distinguish between a Penn faculty, staff, student or a potential intruder. 

Often, you will need to swipe your Penn ID Card to gain entry to buildings.  Do not offer to swipe your card to provide access to another person.  Potential thieves will attempt to gain access in this manner.  If someone does not have their ID and looks suspicious, simply ask them “Can I help you?”  If they do not have a legitimate answer, walk away and contact Penn Police.  Often, questioning someone will be enough of a deterrent and they will leave.

Please secure your office doors when leaving.

Remember to contact Penn Police should you see anyone out of the ordinary wandering the building.  Please contact our department after you have contacted Penn Police.

Penn Police:  dial 511 from a campus phone or 215.573.3333 from your cell phone

Operations and Planning Office:  215.898.8322 from your cell phone