Graduate Architecture

Posted November 2, 2018

Andrew Saunders’s Baroque Topologies at University of Arkansas

An exhibition of work from Associate Professor Andrew Saunders’s Baroque Topologies research is on display at the University of Arkansas. It was designed by Saunders with PennDesign graduate architecture students Kurt Nelson and Ariel Cooke-Zamora. The exhibition is presented by the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design and will be on view in Vol Walker Hall through December 13.

In his Baroque Topologies research, Saunders explores how emerging technology—including high-resolution 3D digital scanning and printing—provide unprecedented access to Baroque architecture’s formal complexities, intricate detail, and deep topological structure. His field research in Rome and Turin, Italy documents the most significant Baroque works. This archive will be an extremely valuable worldwide resource for advancing contemporary teaching and research of the Italian Baroque, since no such digital archive currently exists.

Work from this project was previously on view in a traveling exhibition that made stops in London, Istanbul, Sydney, and Bangalore. This research was also featured as the cover story for The Pennsylvania Gazette, the flagship magazine of the University, and is the subject of a 176-page full-color publication from Palumbi Editori.

Earlier this fall, Saunders participated in a panel that included Mark Robbins, the President of the American Academy in Rome, in celebration of the University of Arkansas 30th Anniversary of the Rome Center. Saunders is an alumnus of the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design.

Baroque Topologies is an initiative of PennDesign’s Advanced Research & Innovation Lab (ARI). As part of multi-year plan to provide additional tools and facilities to support the scholarship of PennDesign faculty and students, ARI opens up vast new territories for innovation and places the School at the forefront of applied and speculative research in several domains.