City and Regional Planning

Future of the City

Fall 2021 Studio

This  report  was  produced  in  the  Fall  2021  “Future  of  the  City”  Studio  group  that  was  comprised of Master of City Planning Students at the Weitzman School of Design of the University of Pennsylvania. 

The  focus  and  goal  of  this  report  is  to  put  forward  a  plan  to  reshape  the  Newark  Liberty  International  Airport  (Airport)  and  Dayton  neighborhood  into  Newark’s  Airport  City  -  a  mixed-use,  economically  robust  neighborhood  that  leverages  the  airport’s  success for the benefit of the entire city. Newark’s  South  Ward  —  an  underinvested  neighborhood  to  the  west  of  the  Airport  —  is  the  local  community  that  will  be  a  primary  beneficiary of  the  project.  The  central  idea  is  to  combine  of  the  initiatives  and  goals  of  the  City  and  Airport,  to  create  an  airport  that  is  “of”  the  city, not just “in” it.


Marilyn Jordan Taylor, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Former Dean