City and Regional Planning

Submatric Program (Accelerated BA/MCP)

Five-year program for undergraduates.

What is the Sub-matriculation Program?

As part of the Quaker Consortium, the Department of City and Regional Planning has agreements with Penn's undergraduate Urban Studies Program, and with Bryn Mawr (and Haverford) College's Program on the Growth and Structure of Cities, allowing juniors to apply for sub-matriculation in the Master of City Planning (MCP) program. This enables them to complete their undergraduate degree and an MCP degree in five years. Students interested in this program should have a strong academic record, some orientation to the planning field, and well-defined professional goals appropriate to the MCP degree.

Program Requirements and Advising

Like regular MCP students, sub-matriculating students must complete the MCP core curriculum (10 Course units, or CUs), one of five concentrations: Community and Economic Development (4 CUs); Land Use and Environmental Planning (4 CUs); Transportation Planning (4 CUs); Urban Design (5 CUs); or Public/Private Development (4 CUs); and a summer internship. The remaining 4 or 5 CUs are taken as electives, and are typically transferred from undergraduate coursework.

For most sub-matriculants, their senior year is one of overlap between completing their undergraduate degree requirements and starting their MCP requirements. Upon their acceptance into the MCP program (usually in their junior year) sub-matriculating students work with their advisors at PennPlanning and in their undergraduate major to develop a two-year course plan. Entering sub-matriculating students are permitted to count up to four (4) upper-level undergraduate courses towards MCP electives. These courses must have numbers of 300 or above and must have significant planning or related content.

As per the current Quaker Consortium agreement, students from Bryn Mawr and Haverford may take up to but not more than two (2) courses at Penn each semester while in undergraduate school. This includes their senior year.