Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design

  • Ceramic Studios

The ceramics facilities are equipped for wheel throwing, hand building, mold making and casting, and for work ranging from functional ware to sculptural and architectural projects. Porcelain, stoneware, and an array of glazes and slips are available, as well as gas and electric kilns for oxidation and reduction firings.

The Clay Studio

The clay studio includes 16 electric potter's wheels with variable speed control and reverse rotation function, wedging tables, and large worktables with assorted tools for hand building.

The Kiln Room

The kiln room safely houses two 40-cubic-foot gas kilns and three electric kilns, as well as space for a bench grinder, power tools, and glaze mixing.

Plaster Facilities

The plaster room is equipped with tables, tools, and materials for plaster mold making and slip casting. This room also includes a spray booth with an air compressor spray gun for safely applying glazes and other ceramic finishes.

Glaze Room

The glazing room is stocked with a wide variety of lead-free glazes, underglazes, slips, and oxides for both for oxidation and reduction firings. This room also includes a five-foot slab roller and an extruder.