Undergraduate Fine Arts and Design

Student looking a at comic and turning it into a storyboard for an animation.

Animation resources include computer labs with Wacom tablets, 2D and 3D animation and compositing applications such as Mudbox, Maya, Matchmover, 3ds Max, Premiere, Aftereffects, TV Paint, Flash, and others. DSLR cameras, lighting and grip equipment, sound recording and editing equipment are used wth Dragonframe software for stop-motion animation.

Close up of student working with clay using a press mold.

The ceramics facilities are equipped for wheel throwing, hand building, mold making and casting, and for work ranging from functional ware to sculptural and architectural projects.

Gallery display of photographs. Most notable pieces are large portraits of a woman and a man.

The Charles Addams Fine Arts Gallery hosts a variety programs each year including student exhibitions, film series’, collaborative events with outside institutions and special exhibitions featuring visiting artists.

Studio with various kinds of printing presses

The Common Press is the letterpress and book arts studio at the University of Pennsylvania.

Two students working together on a wooden frame a studio

The Fabrication Lab serves as a practical laboratory extension of classroom theory. The Lab is equipped for all phases of woodworking, metalworking, and machining, as well as digital fabrication with CNC routing, laser cutting, and 3D printing. The lab is available to all University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design students and to all students enrolled in ancillary Weitzman courses.

Huge library space with stone arched architecture and several students working at large wooden tables

The services and collections of the Fisher Fine Arts Library facilitate work in architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, historic preservation, history of art, and fine arts. 

Front of the Institute of contemporary art during the evening with students gathered around.

Nationally and for our graduate fine arts community, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) provides an essential forum for the presentation and documentation of recent developments in the visual arts. Artists who present innovative work at ICA often give lectures and critiques of student work. ICA also hosts a number of public lectures each year by visiting artists participating in the MFA program.

Foreground: sculpture with bicycle wheel suspended between two chairs. Background, performers dancing

The Fine Arts Department collaborates in public programming and collaborative projects with many of the art institutions in the city of Philadelphia.

Shelves full of wood and stone tiles, paint jars, and acrylic sheets in a rainbow of colors

The Fisher Fine Arts Materials Library hosts thousands of samples ranging from traditional construction materials to emergent and novel samples such as Vanta Black, electronic paint, and seaweed insulation. The aim of the collection is to bring together innovation and creativity in order to advance conceptualization through tactile exploration, and draws from disciplines across campus.

Student prepares to trim a large photograph in a softly lit studio. Large prints of photographs hang on the wall in the back

The photography resources include conventional wet labs, high-level digital photography studios, large-format archival inkjet printers, Hasselblad Flextight film scanners, and private studios.

View of the help desk

The Photography & Video Equipment Room in the Department of Fine Arts provides access to multimedia equipment, studios and technical support in order to enhance the department’s curriculum and foster an environment of experimentation in the areas of photography, video, animation, and design. The Photography & Video Equipment Room maintains a state-of-the-art facility that is safe, efficient, and clean for over eight hundred students from across the university each academic year. 

Unoccupied studio space with table in center and supplies and smaller work tables on the sides.

The sculpture facilities provide dynamic workspaces for students working in three-dimension design, fabrication and related media.