Graduate Admissions

Posted May 5, 2021


Welcome back to our blog series, Why Weitzman Wednesdays! We enjoyed hearing from students and alum so much that we decided to bring it back as a continuing monthly series. On the first Wednesday of each month we will share a statement from a student/alum explaining why they chose Weitzman in hopes that it will help make your decision a little easier and show why Weitzman is the right choice for you!

Carolina Schultz MArch/MLA '21

"The Weitzman School of Design gave me the opportunity to study both Architecture and Landscape Architecture as Master’s degrees in a 4-year time span. The curriculum was well integrated and had a series of digital courses. My undergraduate education had really developed my hand drawing and physical modeling skills. From looking at the curriculum and work marketed by the Weitzman School it was clear to me that digital skill sets were really challenged to create the work. Balancing my physical and digital skill sets would be in my best interest and the Weitzman School would certainly do that. As a bonus the Weitzman School is in Philadelphia. I really wanted to live in a city as I thought it would influence my design skills. Philadelphia is a wonderful city to live in and explore! At the Weitzman School I have met incredible people, learned not just a skillset or program but a method of analysis, and have come to a place where I am excited to take on any design challenge given to me!"


Head over to Carolina’s blog, Living a Designer Life, for a closer look into her time at Weitzman!