Graduation Information, Policies, and Procedures

Applying to Graduate

All University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design students must apply to graduate by the term deadline.

The Weitzman Graduation Application for expected May 2021 graduates is due at 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, February 14.

Expected graduates enrolled in the M.S. in Architecture, Ph.D. in Architecture, A.M. in City Planning and/or the Ph.D. in City Planning programs MUST ALSO apply to graduate with Graduate Arts and Sciences,

Online Graduate Arts and Sciences Graduation Application
Graduate Arts and Sciences Graduation Calendar

All August 2020, December 2020, and May 2021 graduates will be invited to participate in the May 2021 Commencement activities.

Guidelines for Applying to Graduate

  • All Weitzman students must apply to graduate.
  • Weitzman degree plus certificate students must note expected completion of both the degree and certificate when they submit they Weitzman graduation application.
  • Weitzman dual degree students complete both degrees in the same term and must note expected graduation from both programs when they submit the Weitzman graduation application.
  • Weitzman dual degree students may NOT receive their degrees in separate terms.
  • Weitzman students who are enrolled in a dual degree program at another school at the University must comply with both schools’ policies and procedures regarding applying for graduation, degree eligibility and commencement participation.

Degree Eligibility

Applying for graduation does not ensure that the degree will be conferred. Students are responsible for meeting all degree requirements and fulfilling all financial obligations prior to graduation. Students are responsible for ensuring that their academic record reflects all approved course substitutions and/or waivers prior to graduation. Deficient course grades must be submitted no later than two weeks after the grade submission deadline for the graduating term. Expected graduates who do not meet degree eligibility for any reason must reapply to graduate and if applicable, register for additional coursework in compliance with Weitzman School’s continuous registration policy.


Students enrolled in the Ph.D. in Architecture, Ph.D. in City Planning, and the M.S. in Architecture must follow Graduate Arts and Sciences guidelines for thesis/dissertation submission.

Diplomas and Transcripts

Diploma Distribution

Degrees are conferred three times per year: in May, August, and December. The diplomas of May graduates are mailed in July, the diplomas of August graduates are mailed in October and the diplomas of December graduates are mailed in February. Diplomas issued with errors will be replaced free of charge provided that the diploma office is notified within one year of conferral date. The original diploma must be returned before the reprinted one is sent out.

For more information regarding diploma distribution please review these frequently asked questions and the following website:

Diplomas for May graduates are mailed by the University Secretary’s office to the permanent address listed in PennInTouch, unless a different address is specified in the “Temporary Address Field,” effective from June 1 – July 15. International diplomas are sent via first-class mail and can take up to eight weeks for delivery. International students who are planning to stay in the U.S. through July 15 should designate a temporary U.S. address in PennInTouch or contact the Diploma Coordinator to arrange for pick up, no later than June 1. Additional information is available on line at:

Certified Electronic Diplomas (CeDiploma)

The University is offering a certified electronic version of its diploma that can be purchased and downloaded. The CeDiploma is an official, secure, and verifiable electronic version of the Penn diploma that can be easily shared. The CeDiploma is accepted worldwide by many employers and governments, as well as by federal and state medical boards within the United States. Additional information about CeDiplomas can be found online at:

Official Transcripts

Transcripts are maintained centrally by the University Registrar, and not by the Weitzman School. Students can request official transcripts electronically, by US mail and in person through the University Registrar’s Office located at 3451 Walnut Street, Room 221 Franklin Building. For details on how to request an official transcript please consult the University Registrar’s website:

Graduation is posted to the student’s academic record within two weeks of the completion of the term. Students seeking an official transcript to confirm their graduation status should check their unofficial transcript via PennInTouch to confirm that their graduation has been posted prior to requesting an official transcript. If the student determines that their graduation has NOT been posted, the student should contact the Stuart Weitzman School of Design Office of Student Services for assistance at Details on how to order and the cost of an official transcript are available online at:

Questions and/or concerns regarding all things related to graduation should be directed to the Stuart Weitzman School of Design Office of Student Services at: or 215-898-6210.

Participating in Commencement

The University of Pennsylvania and Weitzman School hold one commencement ceremony in May of each year. Graduates from the previous summer and fall terms and expected graduates for the spring term are invited to participate in the University and Weitzman School ceremonies. Expected graduates for the spring term must have ALL deficient grades from previous terms rectified by May 1 in order to participate in commencement. Spring term grades are due the Friday prior to the commencement festivities. As a result, expected graduates for the spring term who receive a deficient grade in a spring term course will be eligible to participate in commencement.

Detailed information regarding the University commencement ceremony can be found online at:

Commencement Administrative Procedures


Students completing a Weitzman Certficate program will receive a physical certificate noting their certifcate completion. Certificates are distributed by the Weitzman School and students completing a certificate will be contacted during the Spring semester by the Office of Student Services with details about the distribution.

Account Balance

Please note that graduates with an account balance of $200 or more will have a hold placed on their record and will not receive their diploma/certificate and/or an official transcript until their balance and hold have been rectified. Many charges, specifically printing related charges, are applied to your account after graduation. As a result we strongly encourage that you review your account balance regularly and pay it in full no later than June 15th to ensure that there is no delay in receiving your diploma/certificate. Students with a financial hold are still eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies.

Design Email

Fall 2020 graduates, your Weitzman School email account will expire on February 18, 2020; expected Spring 2021 graduates, your Weitzman School email account will expire on August 16, 2021. Messages sent to your address after that date will not be received. Please take this time to back up your emails, contacts, OneDrive data and update your email on any accounts (e.g. Amazon, job postings) where you previously used or You may also want to set an automatic reply to inform people of your email address change automatically. You will receive a reminder email 30 days prior to account closure.

Please see the following Tips & Tricks for instructions:

Once your graduation is posted, you will have the option to set up a new, full-fledged Quaker Gmail account through the Department of Alumni Relations.  Please note that Weitzman School IT is not the administrator of Quaker Gmail accounts, so if you need assistance, please refer to the FAQ and contact info here: 

  • Instructions for activating this account: Go to
  • You will need to log in using PennKey username and password, and fill out a short form.
  • Your first name and last name will be pre-populated. There is an empty field to select the email alias.
  • Once you click submit, you will be sent an automated email with the activation link to create your account.

On behalf of the Weitzman School community, congratulations!  We are excited for you and look forward to celebrating your accomplishments.  As always, if you have any questions, concerns or require additional information regarding commencement, please do not hesitate to contact us (