Historic Preservation

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Students working on historic preservation project.

Professor Pamela Hawkes and students Caroline Dickensheets and Elizabeth Trumbell examine the framing below the floor in the First Library.

Woodland area.

Photo: Shannon Garrison

Ruins in the southwest with students surveying them.

"The position allowed me to travel out west for the first time with weekends and breaks between projects left open to explore this breathtaking part of the United States. On site I was able to use what I had learned in both the lab and classroom in addition to developing new skills all while working in a professional group setting." - Caroline Dickensheets  (MSHP'19)

Map of section of Atlantic city.

A full survey of the downtown region of Atlantic Avenue was conducted in an effort to understand the modern-day landscape of one of Atlantic City's main avenues and cultural corridors. This diagram depicts a mostly institutional and commercial area of the avenue. The full report can be read here

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Using a syringe filled with a breathable, lime-based injection grout, Federico and his team filled the voids of Franklin’s marble grave marker. Photo by Rebecca Elias Abboud & Denise Henhoeffer.

Lisa Servon at a book talk for Unbanking America: How the New Middle Class Survives

Our instructor, Stefania Chlouveraki, explaining successful conservation efforts at Azoria, a nearby archaeological site, to PennDesign students Peter Hiller and Silvia Callegari.

Photo by Lucy Midelfort.