Inclusion in Design

  • Inclusion in Design was founded in 2018 by the following people from left to right: Kevin He M.Arch’21, Anthony Jreije MCP’20, Natalia Revelo M.Arch’21, Cokie Nanka MCP’20, Sonnie Wooden MFA’20, and Yvette Chen MCP’20 (not pictured)

IiD Statement on Pervasive Racism

Dear Weitzman Community, 

The members of Inclusion in Design have been deeply saddened by recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, among countless others. We are angered by the pervasive racism and bigotry in this country that actively oppress the black community.  

The fight for equity, inclusivity, and justice is not just about equality, but also the survival and prosperity of black and brown communities in the United States. It is horrible that the black community is constantly targeted and are openly abused and murdered while merely existing. Ultimately, the fight for equality and equity doesn't end at survival, it ends when the systems of oppression that perpetuates law enforcement's abuse of power (or the police state), poverty and disparity are abolished. 

The members of Inclusion in Design are committed to supporting students of color at Weitzman and support the current protests occurring in Philadelphia and throughout the country. We firmly stand with the black community at Weitzman and throughout the country against police brutality, social and economic violence, and racism. 

Inclusion in Design would like to ask the Weitzman faculty, students, and staff to reflect on the perpetual violence directed especially at the African-American community during this time and develop transformative actions we can both support and initiate within our professional fields that directly support our neighbors. Our professions, ranging from policy and advocacy to design, demands that we believe Black stories and work radically to repair these ills.  We have a responsibility as students of color, as allies, and as professionals to dismantle the institutions propagating these injustices. 

Please feel free to reach out at with any concerns or suggestions that can help support this movement. 

Peace and Strength,


If you feel compelled to donate, below are a list of a few organizations that need our support. 

Places to Donate:

Philadelphia Community Bail Fund
National Bailout Fund
Reclaim the Block
Youth Art & Self Empowerment Project
Philly for R.E.A.L. Justice
Black & Brown Workers Cooperative