IT Services


In the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design, there are three main, completely separate accounts you will need to access resources and software on both our network and the University of Pennsylvania network. They include:

  • PennKey
  • Design computer / domain
  • Penn Email (Microsoft Office 365 Account)

See below for details and requirements for each account.


Your PennKey is the primary account that you will use at Penn. A PennKey username and password are required to access many of the University‚Äôs online resources and services. Read more here.

Design Account

Your Design Account is the account used only for Weitzman School services and networks. Your username is the same as your PennKey, however you'll set a separate password. Read more here.

UPenn Email

Your UPenn Email is part of your Microsoft Office 365 account. All PennKey users are granted an O365 account. Read more here.

Password Management

You have three separate accounts (as mentioned above) each with their own password. The University of Pennsylvania suggests the safest way to manage your passwords is via a password vault application, as opposed to sticky notes or saved in your web browser. For tips on managing and creating better passwords, read more here.

The University offers a premium subscription for LastPass, a robust password management vault. Read more here.