Penn Zoom License Migration

To all Weitzman faculty, staff and students, Zoom accounts for all Weitzman users will be available on Friday August 28th.

What to Expect? Users with existing Weitzman Zoom accounts and new Account provisioning:

Important Changes to Your Zoom Account

On August 28th, all current Weitzman Zoom accounts are moving to Penn’s new central Zoom service. This move is part of an ongoing effort to optimize how Zoom is used across Penn.

Starting Aug 28th at 12 EDT, you will need to sign into Penn’s new central Zoom service at using your PennKey and password: 

Please note that links to your meetings and recordings will be automatically transferred as part of this move.

Users who don’t yet have a Zoom account will follow the steps outlined below as well.

How do I sign in to Penn’s new central Zoom service? (Available Aug 28th for ALL Weitzman users) Follow our walkthrough here.