Landscape Architecture

Misako Murata


M.Arch and MLA, University of Pennsylvania (2009)
BS Landscape Architecture, Cornell University (2003)

Misako Murata is a licensed Landscape Architect and Architect working in New York. She is a co-founder of the practice Lowder + Murata / Natures Objects Practices (LMNOP) located in Brooklyn. The work of LMNOP, an architecture and landscape architecture studio, actively seeks to integrate ecological systems of landscape and the built environment, searching for inter-, trans-, and extra disciplinary opportunities in order to speculate upon novel forms of practice and rescribe familiar disciplinary boundaries between architecture, urbanism, and landscape. In addition, Murata runs a Landscape focused practice and has teamed up with numerous architects as the landscape architect, including Young & Ayata for the first place entry for the Bauhaus Dessau Competition.

Before LMNOP, Murata spent seven years at Snohetta working on award winning projects including the Times Square Reconstruction, Ryerson Student Learning Center and the NCSU James B Hunt Library. She has worked extensively on the new Temple University Library (currently under construction and planned for completion in 2019). During her time at Snohetta, she also enjoyed working on small scale projects like the UrbaN-est Housing project (Multi unit bird housing), Bloombury House (Doll house) and the Edge-Effect Garden installation.