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Posted July 6, 2018
  • Eric Bellin, Sharon Hayes, and Ben Krone

    The three winners of the 2018 G. Holmes Perkins Teaching Awards

PennDesign Faculty in Architecture and Fine Arts Receive G. Holmes Perkins Teaching Awards

Eric Bellin, lecturer and PhD candidate in Architecture; Sharon Hayes, Associate Professor of Fine Arts; and Ben Krone, lecturer in Architecture, received G. Holmes Perkins Teaching Awards. Named in honor of the architect and longtime faculty member who served as dean of the School from 1951 – 1971, the awards are based on the input of students at PennDesign, to recognize distinguished teaching and innovation in the classroom, seminar or studio. They were presented by Fritz Steiner, dean of the School of Design and Paley Professor, at the Awards Ceremony on May 12 in Meyerson Hall.

Eric Bellin is a lecturer and PhD candidate in architecture whose research deals primarily with 19th through 20th century histories and theories of architectural detailing in France, Britain, and America. He teaches both graduate and undergraduate architecture courses, including a recent graduate research studio entitled Drifting Symmetries: Towards a new botanic infrastructure. A student said, “Eric's mentoring in the architecture studio . . . has been transformative to how I approach the discipline. His emphasis on rigor and process combined with an eye for the individual style and strength of each student and their goals has been inspiring.”

Sharon Hayes is an artist and associate professor of fine arts at PennDesign. Her work engages multiple media, including video, performance, and installation, in an ongoing investigation into specific intersections between history, politics, and speech. Hayes teaches both graduate and undergraduate studio courses, including video and performance, as well as interdisciplinary courses such as Across Forms: Art & Writing. “What an honor to get to study with her!” one student said, “Her syllabus is incredibly inclusive and opens up the field of performance and conceptual art while remaining deeply rigorous. She takes her students work very seriously and gives attention and feedback so generously.”

Ben Krone is a lecturer in architecture and is the founder of Gradient, a design studio whose work focuses on procedural approaches to manipulating surface systems and bridging the gap between architecture, product design, and graphic art. He teaches graduate studio courses, including recent design studios entitled Co/Habitation and Perpetual Motion. He also teaches in the Integrated Product Design program at Penn. “Through him,” one student said of Krone, “we learned the strength of a potent design concept and how this gets translated into a buildings form and use. This skill and the methodology of Ben's approach is something that will be remembered and carried throughout my design career.”

Click here to download a copy of the 2018 PennDesign Awards Program. Visit PennDesign’s Vimeo for documentation of the event.