Penn Women in Design

While recent studies have found that women comprise nearly half of architecture graduate programs in the United States, only 22% of licensed architects in the field are women and only 17% partners/principals in architecture firms. This is worrisome.


Our Mission

Mobilize a community of designers and thinkers alike, to increase the incidence and visibility of women and their allies in architecture, historic preservation, fire arts, landscape architecture and city planning. Students of all gender identities who support this mission are invited to join.

Our Vision

Equity. Exposure. Empowerment.

Promote equity in the profession, engage the next generation of leaders through exposure, and empower each other by fostering professional and pedagogical growth to advance the success of women designers and their allies.


Communication Chairs: Elizabeth Anderson (MArch ‘22), Susan Kolber (MArch & MLA ‘20)
Committee: Amanda Gruen (MArch ‘20), Elizabeth Wang (MCP ‘21), Ellison Turpin (MArch ‘20)

Finance Chairs: Ruichen Xu (MArch ‘21), Bridget Farley (MArch ‘21), Alexa Sternberger (MArch ‘20)
Committee:  Navaz Billimoria (MSD-EBD ‘20)

Outreach Chairs: Zoe Cennami (MArch ‘20), Vidyashree Unnikrishnan (MSD-EBD ‘20)
Committee: Ejiro Ojeni (MCP ‘21), Suryakiran Jathan Prabhakaran (MSD-EBD ‘20)

Professional Development Chairs: Marta Llor (MArch ‘20), Katharine Vavilov (MArch ‘21) Amber Farrow (MArch ‘21)

Marketing Chairs: Maria Fuentes (MArch ‘21), Kimberly Shoemaker (MArch ‘20)
Committee: Madonna Miranda

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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

2018/2019 EVENTS

Fall 2018 Events

9/26/2018 Conversation with Mabel Wilson, whose research focuses on space, politics, and cultural memory in Black America; race and modern architecture
9/26/2019 PWIA General Meeting introducing Spark! Mentorship
10/30/2018 Spark Middle School Mentorship Afternoon,  Philadelphia, PA
11/1/2018 Firm Visit: Studio Gang, New York, NY
11/1/2018 Firm Visit:  Bureau V, New York, NY
11/2/2019 Site Tour: Foster + Partners Penn Hospital Construction Site
11/4/2019 Presentation: “Confluence of Power, Identity and Design” Conference, Harvard, Cambridge, MA, PWIA at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design
11/2019 Conversations Series: Sophie Hochhäusl on Feminist Architecture
11/9/2018  Firm Visit: HOK Visit and Portfolio Review, Philadelphia, PA
11/14/2018 AIA NY Women In Architecture Mentorship Event
11/2018-5/2019 Spring Mentorship Program

Spring 2019 Events

1/2019 General Meeting: Introduction to How to Communicate with your Mentor 
2/2019 Wharton Women Real Estate Wine and Cheese Night
Firm Visits: Interface Studio Architects and Continuum
2/2019 FRES Friends Lunch
3/11/2019 Firm Tour: FX Collaborative, New York City
3/11/2019 Firm Tour: Perkins Eastman, New York City
3/14/2019 Firm Tour: ISA, Philadelphia
3/22/2019 Firm Tour: KPF, New York City
3/22/2019 Firm Tour: Gensler, New York City
3/29/2019 Firm Tour: Snohetta, New York City
3/29/2019 Firm Tour: SOM, New York City
4/2/2019 Firm Tour, BLTA, Philadelphia
4/8/2019 Firm Tour,  BCJ, Philadelphia
4/16/2019 Firm Tour,  JKRP, Philadelphia
4/2019 Madame Architect interview with Winka Dubbeldam
5/2019 Mentorship Cocktail Hour and Farewell to Graduating students

2017/2018 EVENTS

Fall 2017 Events

10/2017 General Meeting 
10/2017 Wharton Women in Business Dinner 
11/2017 Firm Visit, HOK, Philadelphia
11/2017 Co-hosted Happy Hour with Student Council

Spring 2018 Events

1/12/18, Firm Tour, Kieran Timberlake, Philadelphia
1/26/2018 Firm Tour, SHoP, New York City
1/29/2018 Firm Tour, Gensler, New York City
2/5/18, Firm Tour: Snohetta, New York City
2/5/2018, Firm Tour, Perkins Eastman, New York City
3/2018 WORKSHOP: [RE]ACTION : Empowering the Future Leaders in Design
4/15/2018, Firm Tour: Ballinger, Philadelphia
5/2018, Mentorship Cocktail Hour and Farewell to Graduating students

2016/2017 EVENTS

Fall 2016 Events

10/2016 Breakfast Social to introduce the group
11/2016 Happy Hour 11/8/2016 Firm Tour, MGA, Philadelphia
12/2/2016 Firm Tour, Slade, New York City
12/2/2016 Firm Tour, Selldorf, New York City

Spring 2017 Events

1/18/2017 Firm Tour: Ballinger, Philadelphia
2/2/2017 Firm Tour, HDR, Philadelphia
4/2017 Symposium: [RE]FORM: The Framework, Fallout & Future of Women in Design
4/15/2017 Firm Tour, Studio Gang, New York City
4/15/2017 Firm Tour, Snohetta, New York City