Farm of the Future Symposium

The Farm of the Future is a series of dialogues that gathered diverse thinkers and doers to work collaboratively on opportunities to increase animal health and the sustainability of agriculture--which are interconnected with the health of humans and the earth. These dialogues, cataloged in the Farm of the Future library, explore a range of exemplary projects and research streams that touch on food systems, the design of leading teaching farms and campuses for agricultural and veterinary colleges, biodiversity, soil carbon, water and waste strategies, innovative and regenerative practices, and means of disseminating new knowledge. 

The Farm of the Future is a joint project of the Penn Veterinary School and the Weitzman School of Design at Penn, organized by PennPraxis.


Ellen Neises, Professor of Practice in Landscape Architecture, Lori Kanter Tritsch Executive Director, PennPraxis
Zach Hammaker, Landscape Architecture , City Planning
Kaitlyn Levesque, Research Associate, Lecturer
Rebecca Sibinga, Architecture , Landscape Architecture
Nicholas Pevzner, Assistant Professor