• Wallkill River access and flood storage park

  • Park-centered infill development in Hackettstown

  • Clean energy infrastructure and research

Highlands Corridor Design

Fourth Regional Plan

In collaboration with PORT Urbanism, Ellen Neises developed an approach to the Highlands that works across many scales, from a broad communications campaign to increase understanding of rural areas and regional nature; to large-scale, multi-purpose infrastructure corridors and strategies for supporting active ecological stewardship; to concentrated formats of green development. The multi-purpose landscape corridors that we called  “hydroways” increase total water supply and quality, reduce flooding, and thicken the forest and wildlife corridors. Long-distance trails and diverse kinds of public space increase human enjoyment, while increasing environmental capacity and climate adaptation. We proposed developing the job and housing density in low-ecological value landscapes near existing centers and transport.


Ellen Neises, Professor of Practice in Landscape Architecture, Lori Kanter Tritsch Executive Director, PennPraxis