University of Pennsylvania Masonry | BIM Study

Spearheaded by PennDesign Associate Professor of Architecture Franca Trubiano, the TC Chan CenterFacilities and Real Estate Services (FRES), and the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) launched a project between 2013-2014 that would identify the type and scope of Building Information Modeling (BIM) resources that would affect future construction and management activities at the University of Pennsylvania. BIM is a growing resource within the fields of architecture, preservation and construction; its ever advancing technology create data rich virtual models that help to catalogue, organize, manage and diagnose a building’s elements and systems.

The project consisted of three phases: 1) Discovery and review of BIM strategies and protocols used on other campuses, 2) the creation of Penn’s project guidelines, 3) Application of BIM protocols and Penn-specific guidelines for future planning. 


Franca Trubiano, Associate Professor of Architecture, Acting Chair, Graduate Group of Architecture