Pre-Arrival Checklist

What should you do before you arrive to campus?

Submit your final transcript: If you haven't yet submitted an official transcript from your undergraduate school showing that you have received your undergraduate degree, you must do so before you will be allowed to matriculate. If you have received your degree from a non-US school, you must submit a final, updated course-by-course evaluation from either WES or CertiFile.

Set up your PennKey: You should receive, or should have already received, a “PennKey Set-up Code” via e-mail or postal mail. This code allows you access to many of the University of Pennsylvania’s electronic online services, including Penn InTouch, the University’s online registration system. When setting up your PennKey, you will be given a choice of usernames. Please choose carefully because once a PennKey name is chosen it may not be changed. Your PennKey name is also your e-mail address. If none of the usernames presented are acceptable to you, you may enter an acceptable name of your choosing (must be between 3-8 characters). The PennNames application will check to see if your choice is available, and inform you of any errors.

If you have not received your PennKey Set-up Code, or have having difficulty setting up your PennKey, please go to the PennKey website, or e-mail for assistance. Further questions about PennKey may be answered on the Campus Express FAQ page

Complete Student Health Insurance Waiver: All full-time and dissertation status students are required to have acceptable health insurance coverage for both in-patient and out-patient medical care in the Philadelphia area and to provide information about their insurance coverage each year. As a condition of enrollment in the University, students subject to this requirement are required to either request an insurance waiver online or to actively enroll in Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP) online. Full-time and dissertation status students who do not file their selection by May 31st (summer enrollment) or August 31st (fall enrollment) will be enrolled in PSIP unless they provide proof of acceptable alternative coverage. Please note that students enrolled via this mechanism may experience a disruption in coverage due to the increased processing time. If you wish to be enrolled in PSIP please actively do so online. Check the SHS website for other important dates. 

Complete Immunization Requirements: All full-time students and all students living in campus housing are subject to certain health requirements, including submission of health information indicating that students are fully immunized for certain diseases and submission of personal health history questionnaires. Students must submit this information via a secure website and the immunization information that is submitted via the website must be verified in order for your information to become part of your student record. Please see the instructions for submission: The deadline for submission is July 1st. 

Login to Campus Express: Campus Express – where your Penn journey begins: Banking, Books, Dining, Housing, PennCard, Rental insurance, and Transportation. Campus Express is your one stop shop for the most essential student services at Penn. Login today and start your Penn journey. 

Student Registration & Financial Services “MUST DO” List: Please visit the above link to set-up Emergency Contact Information, Privacy Setting Options, and other Financial Services options.

Set up your e-mail account. This is the main channel of communication between you, your department, and the school administration. If you want to know what’s going on you need an e-mail account – and you need to read what is sent to you!

Read the Weitzman Student Handbook and the PennBook: All students are expected to be familiar with the policies and procedures that govern student life and academic work at Penn and Weitzman.

Register for courses. You will need to set up your PennKey before you will be able to access the online registration system – Penn InTouch.

Check out our Post-Arrival Checklist once you are on campus.