Real Estate Club

  • Club group photo in Fells Point, Baltimore

The Weitzman School Real Estate Club is an interdisciplinary group from all majors and certificates within the School of Design. We are represented by City Planners, Architects, Landscape Architects and Historic Preservationists, and each bring a unique perspective to the conversation. To that end, the Club undertakes a number of activities that cater to the varying interests of its membership, providing opportunities for growth, collaboration and networking. If you’re planning a career in the industry, development process, or just the evolution of the built form of cities, the Weitzman School Real Estate Club is a great resource for you. 

What We Do

The Weitzman School Real Estate Club offers a number of resources and opportunities for its members. With paid club membership, you will have access to: 

Mentorship Program
Get paired with Weitzman School Alumni or other Zell-Lurie Real Estate Center members working in real estate and related fields. The experience provides opportunity for networking and introductions, resume assistance and career advice. 

Breakfast Discussions
Join professionals from across the industry representing local and national firms as they share their insight on projects, market trends, policy initiatives, to their personal career path. 

Receive support and guidance to participate in various competitions throughout the year including the Urban Land Institute’s “Hines Student Competition”, the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development’s “Innovation in Affordable Housing Competition” and the Center for Architecture’s “Better Philadelphia Challenge”.

Professional Conferences
Access the biannual Zell/Lurie Center Conference - a major industry event which features panels filled by prominent industry leaders and the opportunity to meet with club alumni and others working in real estate.

Ballard Executive Lunch Series
Attend luncheons with prominent real estate industry executives and gain their insight on how to succeed, current market trends and the projects they are working on.

Day Treks
Join the Club on a day trip to a nearby city to visit multiple key projects, meet some of the influential local real estate professionals and get a sense of what’s happening outside of Philadelphia.

Local Tours
Take site tours of local properties and ongoing projects with the the designers, project managers and/or architects responsible for them. 

Alumni Events
Get connected and network with alumni that work in a variety of cities and disciplines of interest to students’ careers both locally and on the Club’s treks to nearby cities. 

Business Cards
Receive personalized, professional quality business cards - great for the networking, interviews and more.  

Real Estate Club Happy Hours
Enjoy numerous social events throughout the year!